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I started off this issue of the Avatar Times with the intention to talk about how people latch on to opinions, but I think I'll save that for a future issue.

Instead, I'm going to share some of the messages I received from a Master Course that just wrapped up. It was held at a local Hilton and had over 500 students from forty different countries.

As I read these love notes and successes (another several hundred to add to the approximately 500,000 that Star's Edge has already received) I was delighted with people's profound and compassionate changes. They filled me with hope.

See what they do for you.

Messages From The Master Course 

I am in awe as to how I met so many people and each and every one of them was for the "just right" reason at the "just right" time. I made more connections with people in the last 9 days then I did in the last 9 years (or more!) I feel light, blessed, and happy. Thank you and your amazing team for this gift. –Love Always, Kathy Nahkala

I write this letter both to you and to me for times that may come that I'm not able to feel source or creator of my own universe. Last afternoon, Avra told us right at the best moment that we were not obliged to continue to feel bliss the rest of our lives nor did we have to be role models all day long. I felt relieved then.picture of three studentsThe ongoing bliss feels right here, right now, alive and loving human beings in general and Avatars even more. I never felt so allowing and appreciative, and believe me that is not a usual thing for me at all (or wasn't).

I know now that I really like to connect to people, help them, and try to be inspiring. I can focus my attention and really give. I don't think rubbish all the time. I stopped with labeling, and radiating judgments, and telling myself that I don't need anybody. These things I understand and integrate and discreate until they are gone.

Bits of energy come free all the time and I feel curious what other people want and how they're doing and feeling. The loving atmosphere here made me hug people that I would never have met otherwise. I really appreciate and allow other creations of God, and people's creations and, most of all my own. Not resisting ideas and creations feels terrific. I can't tell you how grateful I am to you and your team. I love you and everyone by deliberate decision. –Xander Cladder

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I have so enjoyed this course. I raised my children to be world citizens, and to sit in this room with so many folks from different nations is thrilling. I do the compassion exercise often and always realize how much we are alike.

Is there an Avatar neighborhood? I want to ask each of the people here, "Won't you be my neighbor?" I will go home to Hawaii and create an Avatar neighborhood for my self, my six children, and one son-in-law.

Thank you and Avra for sharing your love. I am creating for myself a companion who joins me in working for an enlightened planetary civilization as well as a deep love to be shared over French toast and eggs.
Thank you for the inspiring example that you bring to the world ? to enlightened source beings one at a time. Transformational seminars working for a better planet are my passion, and the technology of Avatar is the coming together of all that my heart has wanted. –C.H.

picture of Avatar Course classroomAvra, your talk today at lunch was inspiring. Please produce a DVD or website clip that includes you. You are very powerful and engaging/inspiring. There are many souls on their journey who would hear a woman's voice readily. Thank you both, Harry and Avra, and your entire Star's Edge team, for this fabulous co-creation called Avatar. –Maureen Geddes

This morning on my way over to the hotel I stopped to feel into the Wood Ducks on the pond. The ducks, their reflection, the water, their wake, all slid into an awareness that for so much of my life has been mental.

I drew a picture of a Wood Duck years ago and always had a sense there was something missing. The drawing is technically correct, but there is no "feel" in it. Now I understand that perspective. I have always thought of myself as a feeling person. Now I realize that what I was feeling were just my own responses (filters) to things/persons/events.

Thank you for bringing clarity and a shift into my awareness. It has already been the catalyst for a deeper, more loving connection with my husband and helped me with my exquisite sons. I love this work. I can feel the world shifting. –P. M.

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I came to Avatar because I saw a remarkable improvement in the lives of various family members.
I was also looking for a way to heal my body of many allergies and environmental sicknesses. What I found was not only how to heal my body, but how to participate in the healing of all mankind and to fulfill my life long dream of a heaven on Earth. What a wonderful surprise. Truth is with us and the truth will set us free. –Norma Wilmoth (celebrating my 85th year of life)

My mind thinks it wants to say something profound about the Masters Course.
Source feels profound. I think the greatest gift/contribution that anyone can make to an enlightened planetary civilization is to find their source. 

Thank you Harry, Avra, and all the Star's Edge team for helping us find ours. In humble gratitude and great love. –T.R.P.

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I heard your thanks for being at the Masters Course. I did so much to be here, and as I was arriving, I thought, why did I do so many things and solve so many problems to be here? Now I get it. This is the first time that I am in the right place at the right time. I appreciate myself for the work to get here. –N.A.

It was with a little joy and a little anxiety that I entered the classroom this morning.
I knew that my decision to review was a positive step toward becoming re-aligned with the goals of Avatar. What I didn't know was the overwhelming, powerful love and welcome that I received all day from other Avatars and the trainers. The smile on my face and in my heart says I am so very grateful. Thank you. –B.A.R.

picture of students in courseroom

Thanks everyone. Maybe it is weird, but I suspect there is some sort of pre-gathering, group consciousness that forms around these courses. I've seen this group consciousness put up barriers for some attendees that were not aligned with the forming group and at the last minute draw other attendees that for some reason just had to be there. It is not unusual in the last three days before the course starts to have several dozen of these re-adjustments. I'm happy that you all found your group. 


The Story of The Avatar Course

picture of Stars Edge building

Considering Avatar's growth, is Star's Edge a business or a religion? 

Star's Edge Inc. is a business and the reason that Avatar continues to grow is because of customer satisfaction. We do not tell people to support us because their eternal something or other depends upon it. (It might, but that is not for us to say.)

We are delivering a product – spiritual training – in a marketplace where there are many competing products that are far cheaper, but generally ineffective. We continue to grow because we are effective and because our training exceeds people's expectations.


Compassion Exercise 

Excerpted from ReSurfacing®
Honesty with yourself leads to compassion for others

.picture of ReSurfacing workbook

To increase the amount of compassion in the world.

Expected Result:
A personal sense of peace.


This exercise can be done anywhere that people congregate (airports, malls, parks, beaches, etc.). It should be done on strangers, unobtrusively, from some distance. Try to do all five steps on the same person.

Step 1 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: "Just like me, this person is seeking some happiness for his/her life."

Step 2 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: "Just like me, this person is trying to avoid suffering in his/her life."

Step 3 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: "Just like me, this person has known sadness, loneliness, and despair."

Step 4 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: "Just like me, this person is seeking to fulfill his/her needs."

Step 5 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: "Just like me, this person is learning about life."


Extraordinary Moments

The Success story here is that I had completely lost faith and belief in myself and this creation until I made the choice to not live in false beliefs that are contrary to my spirit and evolution. I now believe that I created this for a reason and that reason I feel and believe once again. Thank You for the gift of Avatar. –J.S.

For me, this course was a mind boggling experience and was fun to do at the same time. More concretely, it solved a number of problems I experienced with my family in a matter of days (during the course), when years of effort brought me nowhere. It gave me also a sense of lightness of being that was unthinkable before. Definitely another way of dealing with life. Thank You! –W.K.

I have always felt Blessed in my life and experienced having a 'guardian angel' who has assisted me in times of trouble, providing guidance, inspiration, and my own 'Reminder List': God is always present; Do not be afraid; It's OK to be here...

In the course, I realized that I have been standing outside of my life, watching and monitoring the experience, too afraid to actually be here. I realized that my 'angel' was really me. Wow! I don't have to be afraid any longer. I don't have to feel alone. 

I can choose to be here and create my life as magnificent.
I know with certainty that I can do that using the tools and the experience you have provided. 

Life is so awesome. I Thank You with all of my heart and soul.  Love to All. –C.C.

I have just completed my initiation. I believe I am and my future is, my creation. I have the tools to handle all my creations.  Afterwards, I went for a walk and had the most amazing encounter with a falcon.  It embodied how I felt: The vision, the view, my goal, the agility to speed towards it, and the freedom of flight, to soar past and over things that were not my Primary. I walked back to the course room and just before I entered, it did a low fly by. Amazing. –C.S.

This has been a fabulous journey! I thought, "nine days of looking at my stuff...that is an eternity!"  But Avatar creates a time warp!  It has flown by! I feel like a new born awareness, now creating my own reality, birthing my own creations! What a joy. What a Blessing! To unload the charge associated with past events so they don't haunt or upset me anymore! To realize the people I don't like or have an issue with, is all about me, not them! I knew this intellectually but to know it experientially, at a whole new level, to really get it – how wonderful!

To discreate the 'models' I have created of people I love, but have judged or criticized, and accept them as they are without projection, what love!

Thank You! On to Masters and Wizards! –J.L.F.

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With Avatar everyone wins. Every person who becomes an Avatar shifts the collective consciousness toward greater tolerance and understanding. Helping yourself with Avatar helps everyone else at the same time. –Harry Palmer

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