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In the first decade of Avatar, 1986 to 1996, there were six Wizard courses held in Orlando, Florida. These were profound experiences that changed the lives of the individuals that attended, as well as magically influencing circumstances and events beyond the walls of the hotel.

One feature of the Wizard experience was the morning talks. The following is excerpted from a talk on power that I gave on January 27, 1995.

Preserving Your Creative Source Power

by Harry Palmer

photo of Harry PalmerAll beings begin each life with some allotment of creative power. Most of us, through unawareness, ignorance, or worse, waste this power in pointless contests, or in building metaphoric sandcastles that disappear in the next tide. Our minds are clouded by indoctrinated beliefs and persistent identities that keep us in conflict and turmoil. Bullets and fate claim their shares.

Living deliberately requires courage, wisdom, and ambition. At the core of courage is the ability to perceive what is, as it is, while staying present and aware. You do not run away and hide. At the core of wisdom is the ability to predict the long-term consequences of actions, and human reactions they will cause. At the core of ambition is vigorous, focused effort. Increase these qualities, keep them balanced, and you will recover your power to create and shape realities.

photo of sandcastle Power has mistakenly become associated with war and violence, but in fact, war and violence are unbalanced abuses of power. Ambition alone will always destroy itself. Look at the direction of this planet if you doubt me. Wisdom without courage grows out of date. And courage without wisdom never sees the bigger picture. So these qualities need to be balanced. When they are, power will accelerate your evolvement, rather than your destruction.

Yes, we all know that power can be dangerous. It can be corrupted and misdirected. So before you throw your Wizard lightening bolts, I want to give you some advice on how to manage and preserve the power that you are recovering from your processing. How do you keep it from flashing back? How do you employ it to prevent digging yourself an even deeper hole?

I'm going to suggest four more personal qualities that you can develop to preserve your creative source power. If you sincerely practice these qualities they will reveal priceless secrets.

The first quality is simplicity.

photo of stone

The Taoist symbol for simplicity is an uncarved rock; it is potential that does not carry any fixed definition. Shedding definition is letting go, not defending any idea of your self, and not investing in a fixed viewpoint. When your mind is not forced into expressions of judgment and false presentations, it will quiet and flow with what is present. Compulsive desires will disappear. Letting go of justifications and arguments will bring your mind back to the present. Ask simple questions. Give simple answers. Share simple pleasures. Enjoy the things that money can't buy. Observe. Be an uncarved rock (minus the rock).

Simplicity is the secret to being.

The second quality is integrity.

photo of key Know such wholeness that nothing is favored because of hidden mental influences. Bring your mind into the light. Stop being your story. Recognize your connection to everyone and everything. Make dishonesty and denial of responsibility unthinkable. Stay present. Be outside of time rather than in it. Don't create effects that others are unwilling to experience. Use gradients. Turn your criticisms around and own them; the faults you find in others are your keys to self-understanding.

Integrity is the secret to peace of mind.

The third quality is service.

photo of Avatar students hugging Release your mind from the slavery imposed by the ego. You are not matter, energy, or space. You are beyond any definition, so why be a slave to one?  Allow yourself the gift of universal perspective. Wisdom will appear and your actions will be motivated by an intuitive, spontaneous, benevolent intent. There is no regret. Do useful things. Help others for the delight of helping others. Concentrate on adding value to the world rather than consuming the world.

Service to others is the secret to happiness.

The fourth quality is acceptance.

image of triumphCertain things in life are unavoidable: mistakes, losses, injuries, injustices, emotional upsets, horrors, pains, overwhelms, and of course, death. Resisting what is unavoidable only causes it to last longer and leave deeper scars. But how do you accept suffering? The answer is that you must find something positive about it. At first, this may seem impossible, but, if you approach the experience with courage and use your Avatar tools, it is possible.

Finding the positive in a resisted experience may require that you forgive someone, or confess a transgression, or assume a broader perspective. Transforming a negative experience into something positive causes you to grow.

Acceptance is the secret that ends suffering.

The Story of The Avatar Course

Why does Avatar training stress world lessons over word lessons?

image of world lessonGenerally speaking, lessons affect you in some way: You get smarter, or faster, happier, or more skillful. A world lesson impacts you physically with effort and motion, triggers emotional reactions, and then, as you work it through, or think it over later, it affects you intellectually. A world lesson is something that you live through and sort out. You remember it, because it makes sense within the context of your life. You have confidence in it, because it is rooted in your own experience. It becomes an element in your future decisions. It changes attitude and behavior.

image of word lesson A word lesson mainly affects your intellect, and usually ends there. It seldom has any effect physically or emotionally. It does not arise from any experience that you have had. A word lesson is something that someone else sorted out. A word lesson can leave you knowing what the right choices are, but still compulsively making the wrong choices. In the worst case, a word lesson leads to shame and self-loathing rather than self-improvement.

To avoid depression and poor results, self-improvement lessons need to be conveyed experientially rather than intellectually. They need to be understood in the context of your life rather than in the context of a belief system. They need to be taught as skills rather than as revealed secrets. It is unlikely that you will change your life simply by reading or listening. 


Extraordinary Moments

image of hands and sun

It was beyond my expectations. Great experience and a quick way to be Source. I look differently to the future now. I wanted to feel more sure of myself. I wanted to feel and experience the power of intuition. I am here. I wanted to use thisexperience and power to create more inspiration in the Police Force in Holland, to use Intuition in a professional way in the job. Every policeman has to often make split second decisions. And knowing what intuition can do and how it can help professionally would be a big step forward, I believe. –Kind Regards.

I had the impression to really understand the words of Jesus in the Bible.
For example, "I am the one who is." It's so different to feel something not to only understand it with my mind. I felt how useless and cruel are some of my creations. I met Love and how wonderful I am. –V.C. 

First, I want to say thank you very much.
I've never felt so happy, so sure and so aware of myself. I do gliding as a hobby, and I can assure you that it's an amazing feeling when you go solo in the air for the first time. Well, at this moment, I feel like I'm flying again for the first time. Sure about myself and my possibilities. So happy to have accomplished my goal I've set this week. I've come from far away on some points so it feels great to come to where I am now and to feel and know that I can stay there as long as I want. –N.B.

photo of Avatar students
I did the Avatar Course three years ago, then Masters and three Internships.
At the beginning, I was so confused and had no primary. I almost gave up my PhD program. Three years later, I finished my PhD with a lot of success. I explore self-efficacy and social support. In the first chapter, I wrote a Thank You: Thanks to Harry Palmer and all my friends on the Avatar Path that remind me that my beliefs create my life! –O.D.

Dear Harry and Avatar Family, You are definitely my family and I am grateful beyond words.
With your help in these last 10 days, I have experienced layer upon layer of transparent beliefs like skins of an onion and found the courage and the Avatar tools, and my wonderful Master/s and fellow students have supported my work at unravelling them. Fifty plus years of knots, unknotted, in 10 days!!

I have learned to own and celebrate my achievements as a Source Being, and to acknowledge my responsibility for my whole life. As if that were not finally experience unlimited awareness! To experience consciousness creating and discreating form! And to have the tools to practice this daily. A gift beyond price! I feel a deep commitment to this work for the sake of others, and will be at Masters in September. Thank You! I do it! –M.S.

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With Avatar everyone wins. Every person who becomes an Avatar shifts the collective consciousness toward greater tolerance and understanding. Helping yourself with Avatar helps everyone else at the same time. – Harry Palmer

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