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There is an old story about a traveler who finds a pumpkin that has just started to develop. To protect the little pumpkin against the elements, he slips it inside of a jug. Then he goes on his way and forgets about it. When harvest time comes, the pumpkin has grown only as large as the jug. The jug that once protected it, eventually limits its growth.

Break Your Jug

by Harry Palmer

photo of Harry PalmerMany people are in the same situation as the pumpkin. To find protection, they have embraced sheltering beliefs about who they are, what they can do, and what they can become. For a time these beliefs offer comfort and protection, but beliefs, particularly limiting beliefs, soon lose their usefulness. Limiting beliefs form a jug. Once the "truth" of a limiting belief has been realized, a person stops growing. It is a person's own considerations that limit his or her potential.

phot of rotten pumpkin The harsh reality is that when the pumpkin in the jug stops growing, it starts to rot. The mother vine, following its divine nature, shifts its life giving energy to the fruit that are still able to grow.

Sometimes limiting beliefs are transparent and sometimes they are solid as a rock; sometimes they are acquired by accident and sometimes they are adopted by design; sometimes they are modeled and sometimes they are indoctrinated. They often seem true, but on close inspection, they turn out to be just one possibility among many.

I recently suggested to someone who had lost their job that they should start their own business. "Oh, I couldn't do that," was the reply. I pushed the idea. "No, I'm just not cut out for it," they insisted. "My brother-in-law started his own business and he lost everything." That is called being trapped in your own jug of considerations.

photo of jug Sometimes life will break your jug for you. An unexpected promotion will demand that you assume responsibilities beyond your comfort level, or a personal tragedy will have you coping with things that you didn't believe you could handle. Suddenly you are out of the jug, growing again.

Yes, there are times and circumstances that favor limiting beliefs, staying jug-bound, but they are chapters in your life, not the whole story. Bigger-than-your-jug opportunities come with risks. If you base your life decisions simply on avoiding risk, you may never leave your jug. There is rot in your future.

photo of pumpkin field Adaptability is wise. Plan to use a belief as long as it serves you, but when it starts to limit growth, reconsider. Maybe what you thought was impossible can actually be achieved. Limiting your own power with inflexible beliefs is unwise.

The value of the Avatar materials is that they enable you to break your own jug before you begin to rot. How big, how powerful, how successful can you grow? You will never know the answer if you don't break your jug.


The Story of The Avatar Course

Has Avatar evolved since 1986?

photo of Avatar students Yes it has. Between the 1988 mimeographed issues of Creativism and the 1994 publishing of ReSurfacing®, I reviewed research from over a million hours of Masters delivering Avatar. That is to say, a hands on, multilingual, multi-cultural investigation of the mechanics of consciousness. During that period the network expanded into 30 new countries and the number of people involved increased by 500%. The main thing that we were learning was how to present the materials so that they conveyed an experience, rather than an intellectual or philosophic lesson.

When you live every day with something, you begin to understand patterns and can predict the consequences of actions, even if those actions are as subtle as thinking about something in a certain way. I found that there were culturally independent patterns to human consciousness. I also, thanks to the effort of many fine teachers, learned about different belief paradigms, methods of instruction and indoctrination, and transcendent experiences. Most of this was passed along and the results that are currently achieved by students far exceed the results that were envisioned in 1986.

Where did the title ReSurfacing come from?

image of skyIf you've ever done any scuba diving, you probably know the exhilaration that occurs when you finish the dive and begin your slow ascent. A number of things happen during the ascent. There is a natural relaxation as the pressures reduce, the light grows brighter, the sound of your breathing has a quieting effect on the mind. From below, the surface of the water is the limit of one reality. Resurfacing is at once a crossing over, a leaving, and a returning.

I chose the title because of those feelings. I think the ocean, with its currents, secrets, and depths, is a good analogy for consciousness. The ReSurfacing processes are a path of ascent through the levels and currents of oceanic consciousness back into pure awareness.


 The Next Step

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With Avatar everyone wins. Every person who becomes an Avatar shifts the collective consciousness toward greater tolerance and understanding. Helping yourself with Avatar helps everyone else at the same time. – Harry Palmer


Extraordinary Moments

The level of care and connection on this course has been so supportive. I realize my work here has cleared the space that now allows this to be felt and experienced. I feel touched and known deeply. I feel relief from an inner battle that began in my early teens and has affected my relationships ever since. Something hidden has now been removed and my heart breathes in openness and fullness and gratitude and strength.

These words are so little for what this course has helped me to become in Being. –D.C.

Hi Harry,

My gratitude to you for guiding me towards the Self-Realizaton on such a profound level. My journey began many years ago with psychoactive substances, although profound in their own right, a full awakening was not achieved until now. I knew these doors of perception were capable of being opened without swallowing anything. What you have shown me is that I have been holding the keys all the time....

Here is a summary of my Initiation Session for you. Once again, Thank You!

"Although conscious of my body and the place it is in, I move around as Source, interested in the world I create around me. I am viewing, experiencing, without judgment. I sense my opportunity of endless primary origination. I am  aware  of  secondaries as they arise and discreate them with ease. I am flowing through life. I am Source." –H.M.C.

Hiya Harry!

Avatar has been everything I have been looking for. I have always known that we all create our own reality, but I just could not figure out quite how. For the last couple of years, I have been on a determined quest to fill those gaps in my knowledge that I knew were tripping me over on the path to doing it consciously and with my chosen intent. Whenever I thought I was "doing it right", some insufferable pain would jump out and bite me on the bum over and over and over again.

Here in Geelong, I have found the courage and support to face the pain head on, instead of pretending it wasn't there, or that I could just avoid it or just believe something different.

I learned to "discreate".  WOW!!! Who knew?! Well, apparently you did, and I want to Thank You. Of course!! That's it. I learned that I created the pain and not only that, I could discreate it. So powerful. I feel like I am really me, I am right here, and I am just plain happy. Thank You.  See you in Florida next week!!! –B.C.

Dear Harry,

Again I am amazed at these tools. I have just competed Label-its #2 and realized the pain I have been causing myself by the labels I have been putting on others. I have trapped myself in a prison of pain and suffering, not being able to feel my way clear. I know you have said it, I have read it many times: Love and compassion are virtues. But the clarity from this exercise has been amazing. I feel remorse for the struggle I have created and the pain and illness by holding back the virtues of love, kindness and compassion from others by my judgments.

I will practice virtues and align to the goal. Attention on the goal and flow compassion to others. I am in deep appreciation for what you have created. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. –C.C.

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