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Teaching someone to be flexible in viewpoints, and to reason from different angles, is better than indoctrinating them with a fixed viewpoint. Teaching someone to be flexible in viewpoints involves more work and patience, but in the end you will have a tolerant, compassionate being who reasons well.

Another Way Of Looking At It

by Harry Palmer

photo of Harry PalmerThe beliefs that you hold, whether deliberately chosen, modeled after another, or indoctrinated by authority, create a framework for interpreting and structuring what happens to you, and what you intend for others, and what you find pleasurable or painful. This framework is sometimes called a personal reality paradigm, or more simply, a viewpoint.

A viewpoint is a personal perspective from which you consider something or someone. It is a particular way of thinking about or approaching a subject.

image of way of looking If you want to make a very swift examination of consciousness, you will discover that it consists of beliefs constructing viewpoints and each viewpoint commanding some degree of intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to observe, ability to sort and integrate, ability to predict, and the motivation to sustain an intention. Each viewpoint-plus-intelligence package in consciousness has its own style, unique desires, and blind spots.

One of the remarkable things that you discover on the Avatar Course is that there is a natural cascading influence from belief to viewpoint to intelligence. As you improve your ability to manage beliefs, your ability to manage viewpoints improves; and as your ability to manage viewpoints improves, the abilities of your intelligence improve. Beliefs affect viewpoint; viewpoints affect intelligence; intelligence affects your life successes.

image of world lessons Viewpoints determine how you see the world as well as how the world sees you. If you have the belief that "blue people" have wronged you, you are likely to be critical of blue people. Your criticalness will cause people to consider you intolerant. But if you have the belief that "blue people" have helped you, you are likely to praise blue people. Your praise will cause people to consider you kindly.

Unfortunately how you judge something, or someone, is more often associated with feeling righteous than being reasonable. The urge to be right fixes you in a viewpoint and reduces the range of considerations available to your intelligence. When right means another is wrong you are locking yourself into a viewpoint. "Dead right" is a fairly accurate prediction.

Even if your criticism is on rock-solid ground, it is still likely that it is motivated by something other than observation and reason. A good question to soften asserted rightness and wrongness of viewpoints is: Is this something I am saying about myself?

image of lock Protecting or defending a viewpoint is a refusal to see something in another way. (It is the beginning of a persistent identity. See Avatar Times #11)  When you lock yourselves into certain viewpoints, you also lock yourselves out of other viewpoints. As you limit your willingness to occupy viewpoints, you also limit your ability to observe, integrate, predict, and intend. Thinking becomes little more than reacting or shuffling old conclusions. Your ability to relate to others is reduced. Your ability to handle life is reduced. Your ability to cope with change is reduced.

How much choice did you have over selecting your current viewpoints? The honest answer is probably not much. Fixed, inflexible viewpoints may work for a short time, but as soon as the circumstances of the world change, as they always do, you become an antique.

image of key Sometimes a little thing, like showing a person how to deliberately change their viewpoint without being struck dumb on the spot, can produce a remarkable recovery of life. Problems disappear and opportunities appear. Adopting another way of looking at something is a simple act that can have magical consequences.

The ability to deliberately change viewpoints is one of the first things that the Avatar Course restores. You can test drive different viewpoints without having to adopt or defend any of them. You will notice that after testing several viewpoints, there are one or two that you come back to because you find them interesting, or you like the way they feel. These viewpoints that you settle into after a broadimage of mind key exploration of possibilities are more flexible, confident, and responsible. Trying on different viewpoints civilizes you, and the more you try on, the more tolerant and understanding you become.

Do you want to increase your income, your happiness, and your intelligence? Find another way of looking at it.


The Story of The Avatar Course

Is there any difference between a primary and a decision?

Yes, a primary is the origination of a belief, which you intend to become an experiential reality. You are source of the belief. A decision is something that you make your mind up about after considering evidence and other possible choices. A decision may be originated as a belief, but it is a belief that is concluded from consideration and experience. A primary is the origination of a belief that is made without consideration of the past. A decision is the product of an identity operating in the world; a primary is the product of a source being operating beyond the world.


Extraordinary Moments

Hi Harry,

I've been asked to write to you about my experience with Avatar. To be honest, I really got bored during the ReSurfacing weekend. I thought a lot of the exercises were really obvious and didn't everybody already use them? My Master told me that after the weekend I'd probably be a whole lot happier going through the material at my own pace. Therefore, I decided to give Monday a fair chance and I am ever so happy that I did!

Starting on Monday, I absolutely loved the material. I felt so much support whenever I hit resistance. I worked on discreating resistance and had a wonderful experience while working on that.

My QM (Qualified Master) was the best ever. He always seemed to feel what was going on with me and helped me up from a very deep low. I am ever so grateful for his support.

The ultimate experience came when my QM did the Ultimate Process with me. I'm still not down from that Ultimate high. It's unbelievable what happened to me. I can't put it into words. I am very fortunate that I'll be able to go to another event next week- end. In two weeks time I will be going on, on my Avatar path by doing the Master's Course. For now, I really feel that the sky is not even the limit, as long as I choose to use the tools that you provided. Thank you so much.

A happy tilapi from the Netherlands. –I.B.

If I didn't get to know Avatar, I would have been a victim living in the dark.

Thank you for your support and the Masters. I could become a baby without judgment. I can put things into action as a primary, not a secondary. I can become what I want.

Thank You from my heart. This is my first day of my rebirth.

With Love and Appreciation. –Y.T.

It's been such an amazing experience. During ReSurfacing, there was a moment when I felt something and I shared that feeling with the student I was working with. I used to feel that sharing what I feel was an action that sets apart the materials.

This time I shared honestly what I feel and the student shifted. At that moment, I realized that I've been creating separation from the materials and actually there hasn't been any separation. I am so impressed to realize this. –K.S.

Harry, I wrote you one note to date about the gains I am acquiring using your inspiration and works.

This morning while using the Belief Management Mini-Course, I found a major transparent belief that will finally change a pattern that has created in my life. And this afternoon, another major transparent belief revealed itself that will change more patterns that have been running my life that I will now on be able to change.

Thank you Harry for all your dedication to make the Universe more Aware. –D.A.

Dear Harry, After six days full of wonder and amazement, this seventh day really made me fly into space.

Just into Section 3, I felt a headache coming on, and just for the heck of it, I decided to discreate it. Did it work? Let's just say, the local pharmacist just lost his best customer. Don't worry, I won't tell him that it's your fault. After all, I did it myself (with a little help from my friends).

Although I am only an Avatar (well, almost?), I feel like a Wizard already.

Love you. –G.S.

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With Avatar everyone wins. Every person who becomes an Avatar shifts the collective consciousness toward greater tolerance and understanding. Helping yourself with Avatar helps everyone else at the same time. – Harry Palmer


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