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issue twenty-six

In this final issue of the Avatar Times I am going to take you through the sections of Avatar one by one and roughly describe the changes that are expected to occur in each section.

Expected Results (Conclusion)

by Harry Palmer

photo of Harry PalmerSection I of Avatar is called ReSurfacing. It refers to the action of disentangling you from your creations; it is an awakening of interested self-awareness. This section could be called a self-discovery course. It is waking you up from the movie you were lost in.

ReSurfacing reminds people that there is a difference between the experience of self and the experience the self is having. Later on the path, these two may again merge, but at this level of awakening the direction is to realize that there is a difference between the perceiver and the perception. There is a difference between one's self and one's role model. There is a difference between acting deliberately and reacting. There is a difference between you and your problems.

image of resurfacing The fundamental change that occurs on ReSurfacing is a deepening of the experience of "I am." This is a transformation from, "Oh sure, I am," to "Oh my God, I am. I really am." This is an "I am" that is discovering personal responsibility. This opens the door to powerful realizations that break the grip of indoctrinated beliefs. Experiencing "I am" as something more than a mental concept causes a transformation and a healing. Personal responsibility replaces robotic reactions to authority. Suddenly you can observe and choose how, or even if, you will act. When somebody talks about Avatar as a self-discovery course, they're talking about this level of realization and change.

Section II of Avatar is self-empowerment training. The prerequisite to doing Section II is that on ReSurfacing you discovered a real self to empower.

image of phrenologyAll suffering arises from mental processes, in particular from beliefs and judgments. Resistance to what is inevitable produces suffering. It is no surprise that certain philosophies and religions consider life to be suffering. They don't have an effective technology to handle mental resistance. The best they can do is to still the mind by discipline; when the mind is still, the suffering ceased, but so too do the lessons conveyed by suffering.

Section II is a modern approach to achieving control over the mind; there is more subtilty to the mind than turning it off and on. This control is such an unusual accomplishment that many people, until they experience it, do not believe it can be done. But it can, and it is part of the changes that happens on Section II of Avatar.

After you sort out who you are and how your mind operates, the next issue is what can you deliberately create?

image of roadmapsSection II is where the path begins to wind. You might take a detour into the material world. Ego development is built into the exercises in order to prepare for the next transformation. After the experience of "I am," the next experience on the path is, "And I'm pretty darned cool." Section II removes your limitations and releases your creative powers. Your first response will probably be to create something that you have long desired. This is the ultimate pleasure of the ego, to create exactly what one wants.

Why, you might ask, would Avatar encourage the development of the ego when we know the ego is the source of many difficulties in the world? The answer is that it is the next necessary experience that you need to integrate. The ego is an area that needs to be explored without judgment. Remember, sometimes it is the egotistic efforts at self-aggrandizement that produce some of our greatest cultural treasures. Developing the ego is a necessary rite of passage to transcending the ego. If your ego fails to flower, there is no harvest, and no further spiritual growth.

image of balancing stones The main change on Section II is achieving a balance in your life. If you have experienced unhappiness, you can create happiness. If you have experienced failure, you can experience success. If you have experienced feeling submissive, you can balance it with feeling dominant. The Section II Source List processes and Reality Creation processes afford an ethical way for you to achieve this balance.

Restoring balance is the real goal of self-empowerment. You could say that Section II puts you on the route to achieving karmic balance with the universe; whatever twists and turns your spiritual path has taken, or needs to take, the balance can be restored with the Section II tools.

image of hand and sunlight On to Section III, the first rays of self-awareness are often paralyzing; they tend to brightly illuminate your shame and guilt, rather than your deeper nature. This changes with the initiation of Section III; self-awareness becomes functional, compassionate, and empowering.

image of natureThe Section III rundowns are a journey inward to unlimited self. They bring you into the space that has the power to define self. The rundowns identify and release the tentacles of the past, and you come effortlessly into a deep level of the present. The present rather than the past now shapes who you are and what you choose to experience. In this state, you act intuitively, are motivated by high principles, and operate from an awareness that is independent of self.

So these are the sections that make up The Avatar Course. They are intended to be experiential rather than intellectual.I hope you have had some realizations from reading the 26 issues of The Avatar Times; I hope you do Avatar, but even if you don't, may you be happy and well.

photo of Harry Palmer

Sending you fearless love,
Harry Palmer


The Story of The Avatar Course

So now that I have read all the Avatar Times, what is next?

image of girl in sunlightRead a book or watch a DVD. Do a mini-course. Locate a Master and do Avatar. Send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know how you are doing, and how you would like to contribute to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization®.

image of big space

Extraordinary Moments

Harry, I want to tell you just that I am so grateful to you and Avra and Miken and John and Rich and Pieta and everyone that you have done this. You are so inspiring. Looking around here is inspiring in itself. It brings so much. It's incredible, how many lives you and everyone in the network have touched and contributed towards. You have changed my life.

It was like I was headed on a path of mess and pain and then Avatar stepped in and changed it all. It changed my life. Harry, the gratitude I can extend to you is so small in comparison to what your work has given me. I'm blessed and even in areas where I can't see the blessings, I know I can change that and that's thanks to Avatar. I'm actually happy! And I really wanted to share this with you as well, that 3 years ago on Wizards, I created with Pema, "I deliberately create an amazing, lasting relationship", and guess what? Yep, I got it. It's been going on for a little over 3 years! How cool is that? If it wasn't for you and the Star's Edge team, we wouldn't be together today. I was tearing the relationship apart with my own past transgressions and now, after plenty of referring to my Wizard pack and Releasing Fixed Attention. I'm there. My primary manifested and I feel so fortunate to have him. 

I know that you always say that to show gratitude, I should deliver, get another students and that's my plan. I want a Wizard for next year, there are secondaries, but I'm gonna work on it. I love you, Harry. Thank you. –E.A.

I came to Wizards with a lot of expectations and desires – stuff I wanted to clear and move past. I got everything I wanted and more.

I came wanting to clear up my depressions and continuing disillusionment with myself and humanity. I discovered I am the Source/Creator of all my experiences, and through the use of the brilliantly paced, ordered, and organized materials, I plowed through my blindness, indoctrinations, fears, disillusionment and found my true self, where the real me "lives and has its being." All the struggle to understand, to succeed, all the push/pull of my life, the desire to love and be loved, has come to an end in the blaze of illuminating glory that I am. I am, I create, I experience, I move on, and ultimately, ultimately, ultimately, the game just is a game, and I am with you. I leave Wizards with such a sense of peace, of completion, of fearlessness, of love and compassion, of energy to live and experience, and of a deep desire to help others find their awakening – not for my own self righteousness and glory (a big issue for me in my old life), but for the joy and liberation for us all. 

Is there anyway to say thank you? The only way I see is to go out and do for others what you have done for me, Namaste. –K.B.

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With Avatar everyone wins. Every person who becomes an Avatar shifts the collective consciousness toward greater tolerance and understanding. Helping yourself with Avatar helps everyone else at the same time. – Harry Palmer


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