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issue three

Avatar's Expansion: Enlightenment or Your Money Back

(Part 2 of 3)
by Harry Palmer

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"The Avatar Course is set up in three sections. Section I is for the intellect. It's food for thought. It requires only that you listen, read, or watch and, if you wish, contemplate what you have experienced. It is intended to bring about an understanding and a connection with a broader arena of life.

"Then with the Section II materials, you start exploring – little expeditions into the backyard of your consciousness. Overnights! You practice the specific abilities and tools that are required to successfully manage what you are already experiencing in life. It's an opportunity to get your affairs in order before the big adventure begins.

"Section II clarifies and expands an extrasensory perception channel to the physical universe that you may already be vaguely aware of – extended feeling. This is a non-sensory feeling that does not require physical contact. It quiets the mind and dramatically enhances your sense of being."picture of sunrise

A hand went up in the audience. "Is it like meditation?"

"Yes and no. It produces the same type of mental stillness that meditation produces, but it does so in a more interesting and much faster way. It's like meditation in that it is about gaining mastery of the mind – allowing the mind to still – but Avatar does it playfully without the struggle or confrontation. It's the difference between opening a safe by prying the door off or by using the combination. Avatar is the combination." The group likes the analogy. Many of them have spent a lot of time prying.

"Another exercise in Section II develops a skill in recognizing, creating and changing judgments. This really begins to wake you up to the patterns in your life.

"We experience what we experience in accordance with our judgments, which are the beliefs through which we filter our perceptions. Two people may experience the same event quite differently. For one of them it is traumatic and ruins their life; for the other it is inconsequential. The difference is determined by the judgments the two people place on the experience.

"The end result of this exercise is the ability to honestly relax judgment on anything being experienced. It lets you slip into your resisted experiences like entering a hot tub for a good soak. If you have been struggling with a body condition or a relationship, this exercise produces powerful realizations and turning-point experiences.

image of realizations"The final part of the Section II materials contains tools and exercises to remove barriers or blocks that you may have placed in front of your ability to create reality. We describe it as the most challenging experience anyone ever laughed through. It causes smile cramps in your face, increases your ability to create, and restores your control over existence."

In my mind I see the smiling faces of the students who have thanked me after completing this exercise. Their moist eyes occupy a special place in my memory. I also remember, somewhat sadly, the angry face of one student who didn't make it and denounced Avatar as a fraud. He was frozen at the controls of a failing life and couldn't let go of his righteous anger. Oh well, when it no longer serves him to be a victim, time will bring him back. Just a little more effort, a little more honesty, and he will make it too.

In case there are chronic victims present, I feel a little warning is in order.

"If you are not completely satisfied with the results you achieve in Section II, don't go on to Section III. There's nothing in Section III that fixes poor results in Section II. If you don't go on and you decide within the next week or so that Section II wasn't worth what you paid, I'll see to it personally that you get a refund check." I smiled to myself. Has anyone ever offered enlightenment with a money-back guarantee?

...continued in Issue 4


The Story of The Avatar Course

I suspect the question you are asked most often is: "What is Avatar?" So, what is Avatar?picture of avatar students

Avatar is about every reality that is, was or will be. I know that's not very descriptive, but it is the truest statement I can make. Avatar deals with creation, which I define as anything that has definition or limits in space, time or awareness. That covers the universe and everything in it.

Since most people are not really ready to engage Avatar at such an all-encompassing level, I usually talk about beliefs. People have an instinctive recognition that what they believe has a consequence in their lives. The principle dilemma of existence is what to believe. That's the philosophic abyss that confronts everyone. That's the abyss called: "I don't know." It's dangerous not to know. At the edge of this abyss are the shops of the belief peddlers. Some shops are lavish and hallowed with histories. Some are Volkswagen buses driven by cult recruiters. Everybody is selling a program and a one-way pass to the land of truth on the other side of the abyss. There are thousands of bridges across the abyss, and each one leads to a slightly different reality.

Of course, Avatar is there too, but what is different about Avatar is that the program is round trip!


Extraordinary Moments

Avatar is the wonder of discovery, a place to laugh and sing, a sense of power and confidence that I have not reached before.

As a believer of any (and all) techniques that can further one's growth, I was very willing to try this one too, "knowing" that I would benefit some, but that there would always be another one down the road that would give me another step.

I don't know that anymore.

After Avatar I see choices differently, I hear myself differently. If I die tomorrow, this past week on course will have been a good enough reason to choose life for awhile. –A.G

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"What you observe AS affects what you perceive as true. What you operate AS affects what you can do. Inconsistencies in observation and abilities arise as a result of differences in AS..."

Avatar Wizard Course lecture, 1991

ReSurfacingThings that we say are true about one level of existence may not be true at another level of existence. Things that we view as true from one perspective may not be true from another perspective. Most disagreements and conflicts, particularly in religion, philosophy, and psychology, are due not so much to what is viewed as to a mismatch of viewing levels or perspectives.

Practices and procedures that transform lives at one level of existence may be unworkable or have no effect at another level of existence.

Knowing the frame of reference of the observer is essential to evaluating the truth of an observation. Drunks sometimes do see pink rabbits!

Since the belief management procedures of Avatar directly address the consciousness that uses them, they are self-adapting to the level of existence being experienced by the person.

Organizing what we determine existence to be into specific categories, or levels, can be easily done. We can define and categorize existence by the impact or certainty with which we perceive it, by the agreement or desire expressed by other points of view, or by the system or method by which it is perceived. We can talk about personal realities, sensory realities, or conceptual realities, about similarities and differences, but in the final analysis, whenever we talk about any level of existence, we will be talking about the result of our beliefs.

Beliefs are the colored lenses that filter out from all-that-is what we wish to experience.

This mini-course will help you to explore the relationship between your beliefs and your experiences.

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The truth that an Avatar Master teaches does not require a name, for it does not pass through the world, but is the loving model of willingness to share consciousness. – Harry Palmer


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