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Avatar's Expansion: The Rundown on The Rundowns

(Part 3 of 3)
by Harry Palmer

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"So now, Section III, the main course. Section III begins with a guided initiation session conducted by an Avatar Master.

"The initiation takes you on a tour of some of the most fundamental, transparent belief structures of consciousness – transparent because instead of seeing them, you see through them. The initiation experientially introduces you to procedures and tools that you can use to self-determinedly manage your life. Normally it is an insightful and enlightening experience that may leave you in a euphoric state for some time."

I'll be surprised if they're not totally blissed out and euphoric for the rest of the day, but I don't say that.
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"Following your initiation you will become an expert on the solo Avatar procedures. Now you are ready to explore. With the solo procedures and the occasional assistance of a trainer or fellow student, you begin your exploration with the Avatar rundowns. Each rundown addresses an area of experiences, beliefs or attitudes that may be interfering with your appreciation of life. I'll go over the rundowns for you.

"The first rundown is called Body Handle. The Body Handle processes produce effects similar to sensory deprivation tanking, but without the risk of isolation or panic reactions and much more quickly. It assists you in recognizing the sensations and beliefs that keep you identified with a physical body and, if you choose, show you how to function independently of a body. You experience yourself as a non-material spiritual being."

A couple in the front row looked at each other knowingly, and I realized they had just made the decision to sign up.

"Body Handle also helps you to identify undesirable perceptions and sensations that you have actually been installing in the body – the illusion is that they were coming from the body. The result is that the body is no longer held out of alignment by injurious beliefs or judgments.

"Once you recognize and experience that you've been installing unpleasant sensations in the body, you can put back the sensations you wish to have. You may experience some remarkable healings.

image of limitation handle"A fascinating side effect of the Body Handle is the lucid or controlled dreaming that it produces. You learn to enter the dream state of consciousness without going to sleep. Some students have reported experiences of floating or flying and even assuming different bodies and exploring alternate dimensions. How would you like to spend an afternoon as a dolphin?

"The second rundown is called Limitations. Have you ever explored any sort of spiritual or developmental path?" Most raised their hands. "Then you are aware that we set limitations on ourselves. We say, 'I can't do this. I can't do that.' And then we wonder why we can't do it.

"Children's stories talk about the little steam engine that thought he could and the notion of positive thinking has been around for years. Well, this is a new look at the subject.

"On the Limitations rundown, you eliminate specific limitations that interfere with the goals that excite you and bring you to life. You will probably not choose to handle all limitations, since some serve to focus your life.

image of identity handle "The third rundown is called Identities. Most people have a mental closet full of costumes that they carry around and project onto the people they meet. 'Will you wear this costume for me?' 'Will you be this person for me?'

"When we get along well with people, it is generally because they are willing to wear the costume we offer them, and we are willing to wear one supplied by them.

"Have you ever had someone put an identity on you that you didn't want to wear?" This brought nods of agreement from the group.

"When you perceive another person without any costumes, judgments or belief filters, you perceive them as a spiritual being. It is a profoundly moving experience to purely perceive another being without any distortion. It is a compassionate space that some have called unconditional love.

image of persistent mass handle "The fourth rundown is called Persistent Mass Handle. It gently guides you into the most resisted aspects of your life.

You can eliminate desires, compulsions, persistent pressures and pains that may have seemed beyond your control. The first sessions of Persistent Mass are done with another person acting as a facilitator. This is a very powerful process and produces amazing life-changing results.

"The fifth and sixth rundowns are called respectively Universe Handle and Collective Consciousness Handle. You do these rundowns after you have resolved your own personal conflicts and wish to help the collective consciousness of life.

"One of the ideas you create early in life is the idea of being someone. In fact, being someone is the experience of a belief. If you take awareness plus a belief about being someone and put them together, you get an individual. You can stay an individual by creating more beliefs that separate you further from collective consciousness – or with the Avatar procedures, you can eliminate the beliefs that cause separation, and experience a collective consciousness. You can change any beliefs you may have that separate you from pure creative awareness – the Aware Will.image of universe handle

"In the Universe Handle rundown, you learn that all things are connected at some level of consciousness. In a sense, there is no individual consciousness, only segments of collective consciousness. With this exercise, you work on locating the limits that prevent you from joining the collective consciousness and operating within it.

"This obviously is a very high state of attainment, and students will vary in their ability and willingness to employ this technique.

"The last exercise is called The Ultimate Process. It is aptly named. It is guided by a coach.

"The whole course takes between seven and nine days, depending upon you."

I ended the talk by inviting people to reach out and feel me, not with their hands but with their awareness.

picture of Harry Palmer Everyone in the room seemed interested. I chatted with some friends and felt relief to see a line of students form in front of the registration table. The next day we began class with eighteen new students.

Within a few days the class grew so large with new arrivals that we had to move to a hotel, and our weeklong, 1987 West Coast delivery stretched into twelve weeks and several hundred students!

Old friends called each other with the message: "This is it! Come now!" One student arrived after hearing about Avatar from a phone call intended for his roommate. Another student received a psychic reading in which she was told to do Avatar. A third arrived because of a dream.

Because so many likened the experience of Avatar to waking up, they began to refer to themselves as Awakening Masters (AMs). Awakening Masters sent out a long-awaited wake-up call: "Avatar is what you are looking for."

Since 1987, tens of thousands of people from 67 different countries have completed their Avatar training. What are you waiting for? Connect with a Master today.


The Story of The Avatar Course

Why are the course materials confidential?

picture of avatar studentsSection II and III are confidential so that the materials may be presented in a systematic manner that will allow them to be understood and utilized fully. Reading, intellectualizing, or even believing in the materials will not create an Avatar. A well-trained and disciplined Master is required to ensure that the Avatar techniques make it off the page and into your life. Sections II and III become valuable to you and verifiable by you only when they are conveyed in proper sequence and connected with relevant experiences. Properly presented, they attune you to your own unique world lessons*, which in the final analysis are what really create an Avatar. Life, experienced, is the teacher.

*There are world lessons and there are word lessons. A world lesson is something that you live through. It is something that you encounter and deal with in life; it is experiential. A word lesson is an expression of someone's beliefs. The first influences your beingness; the second influences your mind.


Extraordinary Moments

...I experienced a viewpoint of such expanded awareness that the entirety of my current lifetime felt like an almost insignificant splinter in an eternal, infinite sea of awareness. Hard to describe exactly. But from this perspective there is nothing that is not understood – nothing, and no one is excluded. It's a quiet, peaceful and compassionate space, soundless and formless. It's where we truly live and have always lived. Everything else winks in and out of existence, but this space is forever. –N.M.

How does one explain the depth of this experience? I feel humbled to the very core of my beingness. I "saw" for the first time the "true" non-created beingness of others – family, friends, loved ones. I am in awe of their true beauty, true love, true essence. I experienced such a deep love and acceptance and compassion. I am humbled by love and in love. There are no human words to express this experience. –P.G.J.

When I began this process I had no idea what to expect. The power of seeing my resistance, my victim, my heavy baggage was overwhelming. I tell you, I have "victim" down to a T. It has been my finest creation. I am the master producer and am up for a cosmic Oscar! I may also get best supporting role for "lack of worthiness" and "biggest loser".

You know, in my mind, I knew all this stuff. I could spout it; I could banter it; I could spend another ten years in therapy regurgitating it. BUT NOTHING on this planet prepared me for the feelings that I explored on Avatar. For the first time I was able to talk about a painful experience that always brought me to tears. Now, the emotional charge is gone.

I saw places in my life where I believed that loving someone had to be accompanied with pain and hurt. I saw places where my irritability was close to the surface most of the time, and very easily accessed. (And I thought I was a patient, benevolent, loving soul.) My mask came off and with much patience from my master and the Avatar staff, I fell into my essence! –S.G.K.

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west coast tourThe first Avatars were created in October of 1986. Listen to one of Harry Palmer's original talks on Avatar within a year after it all began.

This lecture was recorded impromptu only four months after Harry Palmer developed the Avatar Materials.

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Why am I here?
Where am I going?

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