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How do you conduct yourself in the presence of your own mind?

Do you become lost, overwhelmed, and unconscious?
Are you battered by emotions?
Are you tolerant and compassionate or intolerant and judgmental?
Are you engaged in a struggle between deliberate will and habitual mental inertia?


Making Friends With Your Mind

Avatar studentAvatar Masters understand that beyond the lessons they teach is a private and personal mind path that can only be revealed by the courage and self-honesty of the student. This is the passage from being creation to becoming creator.

Under the guidance of an Avatar Master, students can study and drill the use of the Avatar tools, can learn discernment, identification, non-judgment, compassion, acceptance, and discreation. But these lessons are preparation for a solo-journey that the student must make into their own minds. The Avatar Master does not burden (nor comfort) the students with beliefs. To do so would be to delay the students with hidden obligations of worship, homage, or attachment. The Master gives practical training, builds confidence, and then stands aside.

The mind path begins somewhere after the initiation session in Section III of the Avatar course. Students begin to discover their own unique mental patterns that they have been using to interpret perception. Most of these have been on autopilot. It is quite a remarkable discovery. Things that seemed senseless suddenly make sense.

The Avatar PathA separation between the being (real self) and the identities of the mind is realized. A private and personal door is opened through which the being can watch the mind without emotional response. Intentions, memories, and consequences that were shrouded in denial begin to show up.

The final instructions are on personal responsibility – free will choices. There are no maps and no footprints to follow. The time has arrived to stop reading, stop listening, and start watching, feeling, and shaping your own mind. Word lessons are replaced by world lessons. Some will find the experience awesome; some will find it fretful.

Once the separation between real self and mind is stabilized, the real work of observing how your mind shapes your life, and how it in turn may be shaped, begins. Mind is complex. It is both conspicuous and subtle by turn; it operates across the instinctual, intellectual, and spiritual domains of life. Different states of mind have conflicting prime objectives. In its most conspicuous states the mind copies, reacts according to old conditioning, and reasons selfishly. In its subtle states it dreams, aspires, is altruistic, and is capable of experiencing extraordinary phenomena: ESP, intuition, precognition, etc. According to the Song of Milarepa, "The creations of the mind are more numerous than specks of dust in a ray of sunlight."

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By itself, the mind is a causal system. One thing leads to another. One motivation is caused by an earlier motivation that was caused by an earlier motivation and so forth, back through time. Coming forward, one decision leads to another decision leads to another decision leads to where you are in life right now.

Something (a cause) makes something else happen (an effect). The impression left by the effect (new cause) makes something else happen (new effect). Consequence and motion stretch endlessly forward and backward from any event. This is mental inertia. Why am I afraid of cats (effect) traces back to being scratched. Why was being scratched such a trauma traces back to the look on mama's face, which traces back to the look on her mama's face, which goes on back forever if you want to look.

The discipline and concentration of following one of these chains of events back in time has some therapeutic value in terms of deliberate mind training, but looking for some basic cause that explains everything is a waste of time.

Minds would be as predictable, predestined, and unchanging as the laws of physics if it wasn't for one thing, YOU. This YOU, the real self, is not mind dependent. It can be awakened and trained to control the mind. This is the approach of Avatar.monk window

Before you take on the world, you need to master your own mind. The foundation of Avatar training is learning how to create and maintain good relations with the various elements of your own mind. Living deliberately is both an art and an applied technology; it requires practice, patience, and tolerance. –Harry Palmer


The Story of The Avatar Course

What are Avatars told to believe in?

The Avatar Course produces profound increases in self-awareness. This inspires graduates to make changes in their values and goals. These changes are always self-determined and are not the result of any deliberate influence or persuasion by the teacher. Avatar Masters are discouraged from passing their own beliefs to students.

picture of Harry PalmerIn a graduation commencement address given on April 28, 1990, in Nice, France, I made it clear what I expect from Avatar Masters:

Anyone can decide their beliefs are righteous. Any belief can be dressed up to look righteous. Righteous beliefs are inscribed upon parchment and in holy books. Eventually they become slogans on battle flags and are used to justify insensitive acts for which no sane individual would ever assume personal responsibility. If they did, they would be tried and convicted for murder. So people die by the thousands with righteous beliefs on every side.

It is better that you denounce Avatar a thousand times than use it even once as a righteous belief to justify your actions. Champion no cause above personal responsibility.

When enough people are able to see that the only real difference between any of us are the ideas and beliefs that we create, there will be a spontaneous worldwide awakening to the fact that everyone on this planet shares a common destiny.

As Avatars you remember who you are and what you are not. You remember you are not things. You remember you are not any of the ideas of nationalism or race that humans fight over. You are neither expressions nor identities. You are the source of these things, and you can create better.

Together we can work to feed the hungry, protect the environment, and speak for peace – these are the efforts that buy us the time needed to expand Avatar and create an enlightened planetary civilization. But ultimately, the real solution to these problems lies where they began – in consciousness.



picture of Harry PalmerConsider the question: 

Are my beliefs shaped by my experiences, or do I experience what I believe?

If you consider those beliefs that arise as a result of your experience with the universe, e.g., because of so-and-so I believe... Now we are talking about survival. We are talking about our ability to adapt to the way things are. This is defensive living.

But this leads to another question: Who created things the way they are? Now you are opening the stage to hungry gods who have nothing better to do than test mankind, bait traps with temptation, and observe their imperfect creations struggle to resist.

Is this reasonable or are there other possibilities? Is it possible that YOU create things the way they are, descend into the creations, and forget the way home?



Isn't It Time?

The entrance to new frontiers and far horizons stands before you. With Avatar you will acquire the tools to create an adventure as successful, exciting and rewarding as any you can dream. Recover the magic of the best day of your life. Connect today with an Avatar Master.

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picture of two avatar studentsExtraordinary Moments

I feel that words can't do these materials justice. It is just amazing that I feel I can now shape my own destiny and achieve what I want to achieve, and with a free conscience. I can't wait to get back home to integrate and begin the rest of my life. Everyone around me will benefit and that is just a fabulous feeling. –N.H.

I feel like I am  stronger. I feel more complete. I can create any experience I want because I am source. I am the creator. I'm not my identities. It is not other people's fault. I'm happy to say that it was me who created all of my past. –M.S.

While working on the course I recognized a major block that has haunted me for 10 years and prevented me from completing a major project. I uncovered this complex mental creation and unraveled it during course. I now feel empowered to complete my project. –J.C.

This is such a comprehensive body of work. It massages the soul and enlightens. Life becomes graceful and full of beauty. I am grateful to be in the game of life.I look forward to my life of service to others. What you have done for me as a woman has brought me so much peace and love. Thank you. –A.H

To awaken to how incredibly powerful we are is beautiful beyond words. What could we do in this world if we all tap into that place of interconnectedness, personal responsibility, and inner peace? I feel like I have shed lifetimes of identities that were holding me back and keeping me stuck in old patterns. May we all stay awake and continue our journeys, sharing, caring, and creating an enlightened planetary civilization. –T.R.S.

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